We are your digital media support to inform and engage your clients with:

  • Multi-media eLearning sites to promote and monetize your information and counsel
  • Kajabi platform development and management
  • Social media management
  • Facebook Ads management
  • Video and image editing
  • Online surveys to engage client audience feedback
  • Broadcast email management
  • Promotional funnels and landing pages
  • Digital tools to nurture the support base of community associations and charities
  • Private membership forums for communities of practice or interest
  • Knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) of academic research
  • Consulting for the non-profit sector to facilitate project design and evaluation.


We can set up and manage your Kajabi membership site to promote and monetize your expertise and knowledge.  

Let’s begin a conversation if you are interested in our digital media and content management support for your project.

Go to our Contact Us page and let us know what your project is and how we could partner with you to get your message out to the world.




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